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LUCID is an event with the intention of providing an awakening experience through the arrangement of uplifting ambiance, which sets the tone for a divine celebration.

In the simplest terms, imagine you’re going to a nightclub where you love the DJ. When you arrive, no one’s wearing shoes. You see people dancing, lounging while sipping tea, reading tarot, absorbing an altar experience, and other extraordinary spectacles – all within one magnificently soft-lighted room.

Where CAN I ATTEND A Lucid event?

LUCID is currently holding its all events at Tula Movement Arts in Bend, Oregon.

Tula’s many special features – like a hardwood dance floor that’s next to a large area with gymnastic mats – transform the space into a playzone that’s totally unique to nightlife.

Since LUCID creates a multitude of atmospheres within a single event space, Tula makes for a beautiful, extraordinary, and unique venue for LUCID gatherings.

What’s the VIBE at LUCID EVENTS?

Thanks to the magical crafting of fabrics and the multipurpose nature of Tula’s floors, LUCID is able to partition the space into a variety of captivating environments, each of which embodies the intention of helping you feel supremely content and creatively inspired.

How often ARE Lucid events HELD?

Currently, LUCID hosts 3 great parties every year:

  • Spring Equinox

  • Fall Equinox

  • Winter Solstice

Check out our events to learn more about the next LUCID.

IS Lucid similar to ecstatic dance?

Yes and no.

Both LUCID and ecstatic dance (e-dance) prefer to book DJs who have e-dance experience. Within that genre, we’ve found that it’s an important, learned skill to play music sets that are conducive to transformational journeys.

However, LUCID is known for having more of a mini-festival vibration, compared to something like the weekly Bend Ecstatic Dance (which our organizers also help facilitate).

  • E-dance takes place primarily on a dance floor.
    LUCID also has a dance floor, but it’s one of many different surfaces and environments available to participants.

  • E-dance prioritizes movement activities over connection-and-conversation zones.
    LUCID encourages you to identify your particular style of participation by providing distinct activity regions within a panoply of environments.

Why “No booze, No shoes”?

“No booze” is inspired by the many years of experience we have organizing awakened events and preferring an atmosphere where alcohol isn’t sold. Rest assured, LUCID’s no-booze policy doesn’t reflect any kind of negative judgment about the use of substances.

“No shoes” is an inexplicable part of the magic. Taking off your shoes at LUCID encourages a cozier environment – and much less debris on the ground. This combination makes it possible for people to spontaneously sit together on the floor or roll across it, should they wish to.

Who can attend Lucid?

LUCID welcomes everyone age 14 and up.

While we love providing a safe, inclusive space for people in the community, we’ve found that very young attendees will generally engage in playground-type interactions, which can be disruptive to the more subtle LUCID zones.


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